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Sleep Consultant & Birth Doula


Hello everyone and welcome to my page! I am a certified sleep consultant through Center for Pediatric Sleep Management and a certified birth doula through Madriella.  am a birth doula & certified pediatric sleep consultant. I love being able to help support women during this amazing and beautiful season of life. I have been married to my husband since 2019, and we have two beautiful children! Our daughter was born back in 2021 and our son was due in 2022. I have my bachelor's in elementary education but decided to become a doula after having my first birth at home (and now have two home births under my belt) I first found my passion in helping and supporting moms in this capacity while cleaning their homes - I loved being able to remove that stressor from their day-to-day lives. I realized I wanted to be more involved by being able to help support women in having an amazing birth and transition into motherhood, while also being someone they can rely on during such a stressful and happy time. I want to help moms prepare for their pregnancy, birth, and beyond and help give them the most positive and empowering experience that they can have. I hope to be someone you can lean on during this season in your life and I am looking forward to meeting you in person/virtually.



"After 7 long months I FINALLY decided it was time to begin my baby’s transition to her crib. As much as I enjoyed co-sleeping, she was going through her 7 month regression and I NEEDED to get some sleep for the sake of my other 2 kids. I  tried to sleep train my baby, but I mentally wasn’t able to do it this time around. I reached out to Melissa for help and we came up with a structured plan to get my baby sleeping and loving her crib. It was VERY hard on me mentally but I was so lucky to have Melissa just one text away with support whenever I needed it. I sent her pictures and videos through my baby monitor and she gave me the best advice for what she was observing. It took 2 nights to get my 7 month old to sleep THROUGH THE NIGHT. thank you melissa!!! Definitely reach out if you’re even thinking about sleep training and don’t know where to start!"

- Marie C | New Hampshire

"Melissa is amazing! I had stressed out for months about sleep training before I went back to work. After transitioning from the bassinet to the crib, it was a disaster and we started to co-sleep. I knew I had to break this cycle soon, especially going back to work as a teacher who needs sleep! I had tried the Ferber method but I wasn't always consistent and I felt like I needed some guidance and encouragement. Melissa and I got in touch and she wrote up a very detailed sleep plan and helped me through the process every step of the way. I almost backed out the night I had planned to start the method I chose. Melissa reminded me how important and rewarding this will be and I am so glad I followed through. My 8 month old went from sleeping for about an hour in her crib to sleeping 10-12 hours and our whole family is benefiting from this! Melissa is very professional and I highly recommend reaching out to her!"

- Annie J | Washington

"When I tell you to run, don’t walk, to your phone and book these services, do it. My 6 month old twins went from contact sleeping, bottle reliant, every 2 hour wake up little princesses, to independent sleepers faster than I ever thought! I contacted Melissa because I never thought we would break these habits, but here I am snuggled in my living room watching tv and eating snacks with my husband while our girls are sound asleep in their cribs IN THEIR OWN ROOM!

Melissa was thorough, knowledgeable, communicative and extremely supportive! I wanted to quit and pick up my girls so many times, but with Melissa’s support and direction I was able to stay strong and follow through with the plan we made. HIGHLY recommend"

- Jessica O | Boston


Training and Licencing

Center for Pediatric Sleep Management | 2022


This highly comprehensive, full-bodied curriculum program has given me the knowledge and expertise to support your family through sleep-training your child(ren). I use various sleep training methods that align with each family's wants/needs. Every sleep plan I create is custom-made for your family and your child's developmental needs and goals.

Madriella Doula Network | 2022


This online program has given me the skills and expertise to help support you and your family in having a beautiful and empowering birth - This program has eight other certifications I was able to take so I am very knowledgeable in all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Having had two homebirths myself, and the education I have received, I am confident that I will be able to support you at the highest level.

Western Governors University | 2021


I received my bachelor's in elementary education back in 2021 but decided to go another route in my career. I have always worked with children/adults in either a school or hospital setting. I am confident that my background in elementary education and in the medical field will allow me to be an even bigger asset in my newfound love of birth and sleep support.


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